The Eyes that See All Essay

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In the novel, The Great Gatsby the author uses the techniques of diction and imagery to emphasize the significance set forth by the billboard of Doctor T.J. Eckleburg eyes. F. Scott Fitzgerald uses the eyes of Dr. T.J Eckleburg as a dominant symbol to express the corruption and lies endured by the characters which have not gone unnoticed by the eyes of “God” overlooking the wasteland. The billboard is introduced in the early chapters to show that in the midst of all the corruption there is a “figure” overlooking with the perception of judgement. The placement of the billboard is on high grounds to be seen by all, taking on the authority of a higher power. Doctor T.J. Eckleburg advertised his new business yet never opened up, adding onto the neglect the valley of ashes receives. The valley of ashes has many pseudonyms to elaborate on the poverty and hopelessness in the valley. Those that live and work in the wasteland are driven to work for they believe a man’s success is measured in terms of how much money he is worth, not on what kind of person he is morally.
The majority of the corruption, lies and crimes have taken place in the dumping ground visible to the billboard. Nothing goes unseen by the eyes of Doctor T.J Eckleburg as they “brood over the solemn dumping ground.” The author uses the billboard as a moral compass as they pass under when traveling to New York City.
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