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Activity Reflection
The activity I’ve chosen to write about would be being on the UWMC boys’ basketball team. I picked this object to write about because I love playing sports, and I hope writing this will let other people see that playing sports is fun and also competitive. Playing basketball isn’t an easy sport, it comes with many pros and cons, and there is a lot to learn to play this sport.
There are three major facts in basketball: offense, defense, and teamwork. Without these three main components, the game cannot be played successfully. If you want to play the game correctly, you need to have an offense and defense. Offense is when a team scores a point by shooting the ball into the opponent’s hoop and passes the ball to open up a free shot. In addition, some key skills you need for basketball are dribbling, stamina, agility and endurances. Defense is also a key point in the game. Defense is when your team protects your hoop from your opponents, who are trying to score a point by getting the ball in the hoop. Some key skills you need on defense are strength, agility, speed and stamina. Those two concepts are very important in basketball language; they allow the game to be played. I believe the most important key item in basketball is teamwork. This isn’t a one-man game; you need your teammates to win a game. Teammates can help you by passing, playing defense and knowing where there spots are on the court. Basketball is its own sport; it is a much faster game than a sport like football. In Football, you get breaks between plays, and in basketball you don’t. In basketball, you are constantly moving, you are never stopping. Basketball is a fun sport to