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I had played basketball in elementary school and in middle school, but never touched a volleyball until my freshman year. I never thought much of basketball and stopped playing it. Yet it only took me about one month to know I was in love with volleyball. Both of these sports are fun to play, but they are very different. Many people prefer basketball over volleyball, because they think volleyball is boring. I disagree with that and believe they are equally entertaining. Even though they are two very different sports they are very much alike. Both these sports require a large amount of speed and agility as well as strength and strategy. Comparing the two you will see they have an equal amount of differences as things in common.

If you are viewing these sports on TV you will usually see them being played in a gym. They are hardly ever played outdoors. The only difference with this is that volleyball can be played on a beach, which is the only occasion where volleyball wouldn’t be played in a gym. Since they are both indoor gym sports, players tend to wear knee pads. They wear them due to the fact that if you were to fall on the gym floor you would get a burn. You will be guaranteed a bruise the next day! Other than knee pads they both wear shorts and jerseys, but they wear them differently. Volleyball players wear tight spandex and tight jerseys. On the other hand basketball players wear there shorts and jerseys loose.

Volleyball players wear tight clothes because they have to be quick and respond to incoming balls. Basketball players have to be fast, but because they run a lot. They run back and fourth on the court as to where volleyball players stay in a small space hardly ever running. In basketball you have more time to think and strategize a plan to score. In volleyball everything is fast action and hardly ever any waiting and stopping.

If you have height you have a back advantage in both these sports. Both sports need height on the team even if it is just one person who is tall. If you are short it is a bit of