The Great Gatsby Green Light Essay

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Green green is the color of spring, which symbolizes confidence, vitality and hope. In The Great Gatsby, the green color runs throughout the whole novel. So it symbolizes Gatsby’s original dream and hope, his pursuit of his dream and even the corruption of his dream and life. The green color is closely associated with the green light occurred in the novel, which is closely related to Gatsby and the whole theme. The green light burning all night occurs three times in the novel. The first time when the green light occurs is at the end of the first chapter. Nick saw that Gatsby was stretching out his arms toward the dark water and was trembling. In Gatsby’s eyes, the green light just represents Daisy, who is his lifelong pursuit and dream. He thinks that the reason why Daisy breaks up their engagement and is married to rich Tom is that he is too poor. So he believes that he can win Daisy back only if he earns enough money. Then he is full of hope and confidence and that`s exactly what the green light represents: his hope and dream. The second time when the green light occurs is in the fifth chapter. At this time, Gatsby has successfully shown his enormous fortune to Daisy and Daisy begins to cry stormily when …show more content…
If the yellow color is the color to show Gatsby’s outer self, the blue color, which is full of sadness and fantasy, indicates Gatsby’s real inner self - lonely, sorrowful and fanciful. In the novel, Gatsby’s garden is described as blue. The blue tone of Gatsby’s garden reveals Gatsby’s loneliness and sadness in his inner part. He hosts insane parties on his property to impress Daisy but he just fails, which makes him even more sad and lonely. So he hosts those big parties but doesn`t attend at them. I think a reason for it might be that the real Gatsby cannot identify himself with those wealthy people and the tranquility and sadness in his inner heart is the complete opposite to the extreme