Essay On The Great Pyramid

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Thesis Statement: The Great Pyramid is a mystery to the modern age, even though its purpose; uses, history, and condition have challenged explorers for centuries it will always be considered one of the greatest wonders of the world. 1. Why was the Great Pyramid built?
A. Who built the Great Pyramid?
B. Why was it built?
C. Comparative theories.
2. What was the Great Pyramid used for?
A. Religious uses.
B. Astronomical uses.
C. Environmental uses.
3. How was the Great Pyramid built?
A. Workers.
B. Dimensions.
C. Surrounding community.

Why the Great Pyramid of Giza was built is a question that has been challenging archeologists, philosophers, and historians for hundreds of years. What we do know is that the
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Recently, forensic scientists have taken DNA samples of many of the remains from the pyramid and found that only human remains existed, wiping out the theory of alien visitors. (xiii) The Great Pyramid is not great only because of it unique features in relation to the seasons and measurements of the earth, but also because of its size. A recent study by the supreme council for antiquities in Egypt has determined that the Great Pyramid has one million limestone rocks, weighing approximately 2.5 tons each. One hundred forty four thousand of these stones are said to be casing stones, which are highly polished and flat to an accuracy of 5/1000ths of an inch. The mortar used to hold the stones together is said to be of an unknown origin. Its chemical composition has been analyzed but scientists have not been able to reproduce it. (xiv) The Great Pyramid is spread over 13.3 acres with each side covering more than 5 acres. The height of the pyramid is 484.415 feet to a point. (xv) Several surrounding communities have been found in the ruins of Giza near the Great Pyramid, leading to the belief that the size and workforce of the pyramid were so large that small cities were built to support them. These ruins have been determined to have supported the large work force and their families because of many long, row style