The Greek Civilization Essay

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Between 1500 and 1000 B.C., the invading Hellenes married with peoples at the tip of the
Balkan Peninsula, and began the Greek Civilization. Unity was difficult because of the mountainous terrain. Therefore, a series of small city­states began. Two of the most credited city­states were Athens and Sparta. Though lays some distinct differences between the two along with alike features and facts. Athens made amazing contributions to government and western­culture. From the 7th to the
5th centuries B.C., Athens took many steps to a more democratic government, such as laws and jury duty. Citizenship was still denied to women, aliens, and slaves, and punishments for crimes remained severe, but commoners were allowed to vote which started a direct democracy. Sparta placed its emphasis on military prowess and aristocratic control of the government. It made few lasting contributions to western civilization. Sparta was most famous for its powerful military along with their loyal soldiers. Other Greek city states turned to Sparta to help them in the wars against Athens such as the First Peloponnesian War. The disunity of the Greek city­states led to the eventual takeover by Philip of Macedonia. After he was assassinated his
Alexander the Great replaced him. Under military and civic leadership of Pericles, Athens was most proud of their democratic philosophies and artistic creativity. Athens shrived in their artistic abilities also shown in their architecture at