How Greek Civilization Influenced The New World

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There have been many time periods throughout history that have influenced the New World. However, the main time periods would be those from Early Greek Civilization to and throughout the Renaissance. In this essay I will describe how these time periods have built the New World. As you read the information below I hope you will get an understanding of how each and every period of time had their own way of influencing our lives to this day. The Early Greek Civilization influenced the New World by having magnificent philosophers; Artistotle, Plato, and Socrates. Together their philosophy’s were and still are used as the centerpiece of our beliefs, democracy, and individual thoughts. Also, one of the prime proposals of the Greeks we use to this day is Representative democracy. A Representative is basically someone who “represents” aka speaks for a community, state or even country. With that being explained, stop for a minute and consider how much democracy is involved in your life. When I reflect how my involvement in democracy, the ideas of FFA, Student Council and Class elections. The Greek’s use of democracy had a great impact on the New World. Another way the Greeks Early Civilization impacted us is through believing that you need to have educated workers in your civilization or nothing would go right in the community. Therefore, the Greeks set a regulation that citizens have to have the ability to read any material and be able to analyze it to develop an educated opinion over the material. Therefore, from them making it a requirement to be educated spread like wildfire throughout the world. On the other hand of things, the Greeks also gave us the first city state, which lead to a military corporation to protect the citizens and communities. As you can see the Greeks contributed a numerous number of aspects we use and will continue to use throughout generations in the near present and distant future. Moving on, the next time period would the Roman Empire. They are the next great civilization because, they inspired us with more philosophies and ideas that developed the structure of our government. First off, their language, Latin, believe it or not is the grandfather of the language we speak today. Also, they influenced us with their belief of bureaucracy. What is bureaucracy? Well, it is when you have taxes and tax collectors. The reasoning of that is because without taxes there would be not enough funds to run a fully functional government. When you look at our world now it might seem like the most impulsive thing existing, however in the Roman Empire times it was the one and only way the government could be alive. Also, they made a road system. As you can see the system of roads obviously is continuously influencing our world. Think about it without a road system, we wouldn’t have exact street locations and maps of transportations you would make your own way to get place to place. Finally one of the last ways they impacted us was that the civilizations of the Romans were simply hurting themselves. If you listen and watch you will notice how apparently we are destroying our world because of our permissiveness and also by hurting many of our rights. Anyways, as you can tell the Romans inspired us with many thoughts on different aspects of our lives. Next on the timeline would be the Dark Ages or as some call it the Feudal Period. Well, when this time period came around in history progress pretty much stopped the world shut down. However, China and the Middle East were still trucking on. Also, Mexico, South American, the Mayans and Aztecs were quite intelligent and modern for this time period. But, in other parts of the world societies were completely overthrown by Lords. The Lords had all the power and strength over the death of the lower class and just the power of life period. This time wasn’t easy for anyone especially the serfs, slaves and sharecroppers, because they did not have a home or anything to