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Gloria Cheatham-Walters
Professor Julio Marzan
Eng 102 Composition II
October 8, 2014
A Reading of Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette
The beginning of so many life experiences that bring us joy are exciting. The unknown is mysterious and welcoming. We take risk but we embrace change that comes with taking that step in to a new dimension of life. This is what the plot reveals to us by way of the characters and the symbolizes given buy the several stages of the husbands hand. A powerfulness is portrayed through the man's hand. It is definite that the description of the bride’s size being small and petite represents her as a weaker vessel and the hideous description of the man's hand portrays strength, and possibly him being over powering of the women. It appears undeniable that the man gave her such joyfulness and here became instant love. She did not take the time to put her feelings on hold, nor his physical appearance under a microscope for inspection. She judged with her heart. She was a woman in love with the Idea of being forever happy. Now she has an up close and personal view and finds some imperfections, which portrayed a man overbearing and with a dominance personality. Understanding that it was too late to change or adjust what she has vowed, is the Colette's way to draw attention upon the hasty choices we make emotionally and without investigation.

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The literature presented leaves us with various elements to guide our vivid imagination to suspect that happiness is temporal and over rated. The new bride had vowed much that she prepared for. She endured hurt by the hand that symbolizes precaution. The trust was established and now the setting of wedded bliss is looking much differently than was promised by the touch of her unknown. She searches by the light provided and examines him for the first time by his hand. When her conscious light came on she now sees what has been overlooked, as we do in everyday life. We make hasty decisions forced to live them. She suffers the harmful wages of her being blinded by the look of a, "handsome, blond young, recently windowed, good at tennis and rowing, man.” It seems as if she had fulfilled all of her desires. One month in a relationship, then stepping into a lifetime commitment is not realistic to most; they wanted to put a lock on what they both had been feeling about each other. It seems that the man was in a rush for other reasons. Their decision based upon what was known or reveled and now as he sleeps she ponders on what is to come of her. The use of the hand reflects the inner strength of the man and the weakness of the bride by her small frame and gentle touch. There is a range of position s that the hand reflects to inforce that it is not a happy or emotionally healthy life ahead for her.
Why had she not seen or noticed that his hand why overlooked or ignored deemed as unimportant? And now as the main focus to her life what other very important areas of this young blond lovely had she missed? Now on her Honeymoon so excited, emotionally satisfied, and unable to sleep she considers a few things. His total appearance is being reveled through this monstrous hand, the skin, knuckles and the veins appear extremely noticeable and deformed.

She begins to see him in an unfavorable light, yet while the fireworks of love and passion are calm and regaining strength, the bride who is full of wonder about this strong, unknown, she notices a flaw. It makes her…