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I can find many of the characters' personality traits in Kathryn Stockett's novel, The Help, in people I know very well. Although I think many of the characters' traits were exaggerated at times in this book, they are all very realistic. Skeeter's curly hair problems remind me of my own. Celia Foote reminds me of my nieces and nephews, who always want me to help them, but then tell their parents they did it all by themselves. But there are two characters whose personalities are almost parallel to people in my life. The similarities between two of my sisters and Minny Jackson and Aibileen Clark are uncanny. Minny Jackson's amazing skills in the kitchen are what first made me compare her to my sister Hannah. Although my sister prefers to bake cakes and Minny prefers to bake pies, they are both extremely talented. But it is not just their shared love of Crisco that makes Minny and Hannah alike. It is also the attitude. Like Minny, my sister Hannah has her opinions and she is not afraid to voice them. With Hannah's wedding just a year away, I am prepared to listen carefully and do exactly as she says. However, she does know how to keep quiet at the most important times. Hannah and Minny are also alike in the fact that you don't want to get on their bad side. Although my sister would never do anything like The Terrible Awful Thing Minny did, she can hold a grudge. With all that said, Hannah is a great sister and friend, like Minny is a great friend to Aibileen.