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Movie Review History 203

The Help The movie starts out in Civil-Rights era Jackson, Mississippi where aspiring author Eugenia Phelan (Emma Stone) returns home from Ole Miss where she had recently graduated. She sees how bad the African American community is being treated and is very upset. She knew it was bad because she had the same African American “help” her whole life, whom she loved very much. She was also troubled about her long time help, Constantine because she did not know what happened to her. She was gone when she got home from college but all people will say is that she got fired. She majored in journalism in college and found a job writing a column about housekeeping for a local newspaper. After seeing all of the things that is happening to the help she decides she will write a book about the maids of Jackson. She runs the idea through an editor in New York and the editor was “lukewarm” about the idea, because they thought that the help would not open up and tell their side of things. So Eugenia goes around asking people to help and she finally gets one of the maids to talk. When other maids see that one is doing it, all of them fall in and start. Eventually there were many women coming forth wanting them to tell their stories. When the book gets published it is under the name “anonymous”. Obviously Eugenia wanted this because she did not want people to know that she had written it and get unwanted hate and attention. The book quickly becomes a best seller all around and the