Essay on The Hidden Face of Power

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Describe and evaluate how certain major concepts/ theories or theorists considered in this course help to identify and explain both 1. Key aspects of the ‘hidden face of power’ and 2. how the news media relate to such forms or sources of power.

Throughout history it is evident that the media is necessary and at the core of liberal governance, it changed and improved the way ideas and information were addressed and communicated in society, therefore giving rise to public opinions and improving the level of debate. The association between a free press and a liberal democracy was ultimately necessary to keep absolutist governments in check. The media have acquired a set of responsibilities over time to ensure that society are aware of
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Paramount in this transformation is the rise of what I conceptualize as mass self-communication, that is socialized communication enacted via horizontal, digital communication.”-Manuel Castells

The mass media system is thought to be the central channel and at the core for communication between the political system and citizens. “The media constitute an articulated system characterized by a division of labour in which usually the print press produces original information, television distributes to a mass audience, and radio customizes the interaction.”- Castells. We as citizens need to think about