The House Essay

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The House

There are many houses which are unique in their design, structure, price and other features. One particular house is located in Graham. It can be found on 10504 192nd St Ct E Graham, WA 98338. Due to the fact that it was recently built, it is in great shape, inside and out. It is now on the market for $189,950. Attempting to find a house with the fulfilled requirement of the house size, location, interior, and that is listed between $150,000 and $200,000 in value was a challenging task. It’s located in a peaceful community of houses which are almost all identical to each other in shape and color. Lipoma Firs Golf Course is located within walking distance from the front yard which surrounded with beautiful grass landscaping. The neighborhood comes off as a safe place for children to do activities such as playing basketball outside with friends. The backyard allows you to have an open view of the neighborhoods playground, at which the kids can also be entertained. Down the street you can find the local Graham City Center. There are a wide variety of shops which include Family Dental Care, Clear Vision Optometry to different services such as Burger King. The busy lit up area also includes restaurants such as Flying Tomato, Papa Murphy’s, and Starbucks. You can also obtain easy access to enjoy a Baskin 31 Robins ice cream cone on your way out. The Graham Public Library is within 5 minutes, along with the local grocery stores like Fred Meyer and Winco. If any students reside in the house, the Bethel School District would be the most neighboring. It includes a local School bus that is available to pick students up. There is also a city bus route that’s approximately 10 minutes of walking distance outside of the deveopment, which provides easy public transportation if needed. The bus route is located on Meridian, number 402. Living in this neighborhood would give the owner the opportunity to reach the local shops and restaurants efficiently without having trouble. As you walk up the driveway you can notice the leaves on the trees changing in color. The dry landscape is decorated in leaves. Seeing even cut grass gives the property a manicured look. The lot size is 4,356 Sq Ft and the house is 2,064 Sq Ft Having only a few bushes planted in beauty bark in the front yard, instantly enhances the appearance. With the back yard being fenced off and having approximately a little less than half an acre provides an even amount of privacy from the nearby neighbors. Enough room for a trampoline to be placed and the kids to play around. The front porch next to the front entrance adds a perfect touch to where a rocking chain can be placed for an evening of relaxation. The construction of the house is made up of wood siding, giving it the typical modern architectural look. Although each house is very similar in color, it is the only one on the block with a soft grey touch, making the house unique. Being built with storm windows insures me not to be worried in case of a storm. On regards of the driveway, it is big enough for at least four cars, along with having two in the garage. As you walk into this two storied home you enter a narrow hallway, you can place your belongings into the nearby closet. The living room is on the right and kitchen straight ahead. The living space consists of beige carpeting, wall to wall, except for the kitchen and