The Image of Nursing, Through My Eyes Essay

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The Image of Nursing, Through My Eyes
Written By, Misty Frantz – Dick
In many of the articles I read portraying nursing or nurses in a negative light. I often found myself understanding how the mistakes they made being labeled as “negligence” could indeed happen in today’s fast paced world of medicine. Subsequently, I found it very hard to use those as an example. However the two I settled upon I feel give the best contrast. With the 2nd article containing the added twist of social media becoming involved, and the additional unconstructiveness that brought about. Therefore, I feel both of these articles are not only relevant to the image I have of nursing but additionally what today’s world of nursing and the ever increasing demands that have become a reality of the field.
My first article, “More Than Band-Aids: School nurses go above and beyond.” This Article speaks of a nurse that is clearly overloaded and most likely overwhelmed on almost a daily basis with 5,600 students she oversees and the complexity of their health issues increasing. Despite these overwhelming circumstances she manages to do her job to the very best of her ability on a daily basis, never compromising the health of her patients in the process. Even taking the time to go to the cafeteria with a group of diabetic students daily, helping them count carbohydrates in an effort to include them as an active member in their own care and give insulin injections, so they can still have time with their friends and eat properly for their medical condition as well.
The second article,“ ‘Louisa is going 2 treat herself 2 a bottle wine!’ Facebook boast of nurse allowed back to work after fatally giving baby ten times correct dose of salt” In this article, a baby is born at 24 weeks weighing 1lb 4oz and is given a 25% chance of survival. By almost 4months of age he was in a low dependency unit and had reached 6lb 3oz and was expected to not only survive, but be able to go home. Next, not one, but two nurses made a fatal medication dosing error giving the infant ten times the prescribed dose of a medication during an infusion causing irreversible brain damage and subsequently, death. When the inquiry was completed both nurses stated that they “could not recall what had happened”. They also stated “they were “distracted” by another staff member while preparing the medication” Additionally, the child’s parents discovered that one of the nurses responsible for the death of their child had posted pictures of herself with the infant and made comments on Facebook. In these comments she asked friends to “wish her luck” on the inquiry, but offered no apology. The day she was permitted to go back to work after her suspension she posted (Louisa) “had a fantastic day! Is going 2 treat herself 2