The Impact of Computer Technology Essay

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The impact of computer technology 1

Running Head: The impact of computer technology

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Matthew Dotson

Professor: Daniel Mays

Cohort 19

July 22, 2008

The impact of computer technology 2 Has computer technology enhanced our society or has it crippled our ability to function ethically? Computer technology has affected the workplace and compromised our privacy leaving us exposed for unauthorized use of our personal identity. Our world has become less ethical and it has become very difficult to trust or determine what is authentic.
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A man murdered two sex offenders in Washington State after retrieving information from the state’s database.
These events were horrible, heinous and irreversible and nothing can replace the hurt to family member. But the fact remains is other than the physical attacks and murders there were no laws broken however; it does bring to question the easy accessibility of information getting in the wrong persons possession. With the world constantly changing computer technology will continue to evolve, I believe our society has to continue to change with technology. Though there are many
The impact of computer technology 7

disadvantages to computer technology I believe our society could not function without it. My grandfather often said “the Jet has made the world a smaller place” I believe the impact of computer technology has made the world even smaller. With the excitement of the 2008 Olympics, computer technology has allowed officials to accurately determine winners of gold, silver and bronze metals. It was very exiting to see Michael Phelps win the butterfly by tenths of a second, probably using a under water camera system similar to the Poseidon. One of the larges impacts of technology is the medical profession. Computers have allowed doctors to perform surgeries that were once impossible. I am grateful for computers because technology prolonged my mother’s life. In 2005 my family was traveling to Michigan visiting relative and within