The Importance Of Animal Testing

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One Hundred Million. One hundred million is the amount of money you wish to win in the lottery. One hundred million years ago the world was in the Cretaceous time period. One hundred million is the number of animals that are killed a year from animal testing. Animal testing has occurred since at least 500 BC. Animal testing is cruel to the animals, also animal testing is not reliable for many reasons, and in the end not all the drugs are approved.
Animal testing is not the most reliable way to test new products or drugs. “In 1937, a pharmaceutical company created a preparation of sulfanilamide, a drug used to treat streptococcal infections using diethylene glycol(DEG) as a solvent.”(Hajar R.). This is an example of there a drug was poisonous to humans. More than 100 people died. In 1938 the federal food
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In 2016 115 million animals in experiments only 22 new medicines were approved mostly for rare diseases. “Each year, CDER approves a wide range of new drugs and biological products. Some of these products are innovative new products that never before have been used in clinical practice.”(FDA). Yes there are drugs that are approved but there aren't that many, in one whole year only 22 were approved by the FDA, in my opinion that isn't that many. However most drugs that are approved don't end up working for adults. It has been found that animals and humans react differently to the same substances.
Animal testing should be banned everywhere because it is not fair to the animals being used to the experiments. Animal testing is a huge problem because it has been proven not entirely effective. It needs to come to an end and fast because it is not right to be killing innocent animals. There are many other options that can be used instead of testing animals. So what if your animal was the animal being tested on? What would you do to stop