Why Is Animal Abuse Wrong

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Animal Cruelty is very upsetting and wrong. Animal rights laws apply to all sorts of animals from dogs to farm animals. This paper will explain the who’s, how’s and what’s. Some people may think that animal abuse is only defined by physically hitting an animal. Animal abuse is actually much more than physical abuse.
People abuse animals for many reasons. Dogs and cats are the most common to be abused in the United States. People abuse their dogs when they think it is right and they don’t have any respect for them or themselves. Owners let their dogs fight other dogs and that is wrong. People agree to let their pets to be guinea pigs to see what would happen to the animals during the lab testing. Cats are the second most animal to be abused
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97) According to Asclone (2004),”Consequently, he says veterinarians should be obliged to report suspected cases of animal cruelty by children as it could be a sign that the child had also been abused” (Cited in Allson,S p 4)

The second most common form of animal abuse is mistreatment. Six-thousand animals are tossed out on the streets every year. Already they have been through more than most people experience in a lifetime. The sad thing is, at least half of these animals have nothing wrong with them. People often acquire a pet for themselves or a child, who doesn’t t have the time to take care of it, or decides having a pet is not for them. Also, some of these parents buy these animals for their kids just so they will stop annoying. The adults don t care about what happens to the pet. A number of people make stupid excuses for mistreating their animal such as saying; it is too big, hairy, loud, or the most common one, it needs to be trained. So they take the easy way out and dump them somewhere. It’s not fair to not give an animal a chance to fulfill their
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You can report animal abuse when you see it. Teach little kids to love four legged creatures. They are brilliant, talented and loving. Volunteer to animal that needs your help to save them from the bad that they are at. An animal is also a living being but how many of us realize this is a fact! Cruelty towards animals exists in many forms, either intentionally or unintentionally. Preventing of animal cruelty is very much necessary and is needed today considering insensitivity that is on the rise among people. Yet, a thing that can be noted is that these are the very same people who are downright cruel to animals these days. According to Goodman (2014), “Gallop polls show more and more Americans are expressing concern regarding the use of mice and other animals in lab settings” (p 2) Ericson (2014), tells us “animal testing proponents like the AAAS [American Association for the Advancement of Science] and the FBR [Foundation for Biomedical Research] submit that the most sensible approach us one that improves and minimizes the use of animals in labs” (p