The Importance Of Employee Benefits Allows Definite Security Among A Company

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Hester Dixon
August 17, 2013
Week 6

1. The importance of employee benefits allows definite security among a company. When fulfilling the goals of HRM it is very important to initiate inspiration within the employee compartment. The rising cost of benefits is a significant issue to organizations. Many employees look for security, reliability, and stability when applying for a job. When a company offers effective benefits this attract good workers who are willing to achieve the goals of HRM. When the HRM goals are achieved it keeps the turnover rates low and the amount of complaints at a minimum. The main goal of HRM is to make sure everyone is happy. The HRM want to make sure they attract employees who are satisfied with their jobs. When you have a company filled with happy motivated employees this help the organization run smooth as a whole and there will be no heavy burden on anyone. Having a company that gives only the required benefits increases the chances of an employee passing up the job for a better opportunity. Using benefits as a strategic component helps enhance the effectiveness, morale, productivity, and achievement of goals. This also helps to build stronger relationships between management and employees and their clients. Benefits generally offer important financial advantages and security that would be difficult or prohibitively expensive for employees to acquire on their own. Having employee benefits allows an employee to look forward to something more than just a paycheck. The employee’s benefits provide reliability if something unexpected happens and they have the satisfaction of knowing they have a secure way to still provide for themselves and family.

2. Genentech and Zappos are two very successful companies that build their customer service through many culture core values. They provide unique employee benefits by applying strategic components to motivate their employees. Genentech and Zappos used employee benefits to provide their staff with an excess besides their pay check. Having the benefits provided a comfort zone for the employees to show that the company actually