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Travelport Canada Benefits Summary
Travelport provides employees Basic, Core and Voluntary Benefits to its employees. An overview of these benefits along with the enrollment process is provided on the following pages.
Cost Sharing overview
Basic Benefits - Travelport provides all eligible employees with a fundamental level of protection, at no cost, through Basic Benefits.
Core Benefits - Core Benefits of Medical, Dental and Long Term Disability are available and Travelport shares the cost of these plans with you.
Voluntary Benefits - If you want to increase the level of protection your Basic and Core Benefits provide, you can do so by electing some or all of the Voluntary Benefits available to you.

Travelport is committed to providing its employees with a valuable benefits program including a comprehensive offering of group coverage with Travelport paying the majority of the cost.
Basic Benefits Overview
Basic Benefit
How It Works in General
Basic Life Insurance
The Basic Life Insurance Plan provides a benefit equal to two times your annual benefit salary to a maximum benefit of $500,000.
Basic Accidental Death
& Dismemberment
(AD&D) Insurance
The Basic Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Plan insures you for losses due to death, severe injury or paralysis caused by an accident. The death benefit under the AD&D portion of the plan is the same as your Basic Life Insurance benefit.
Short Term Disability
(STD) Insurance
The Short Term Disability Plan replaces a portion of your pre-disability income if you are unable to work because of a non-occupational illness or injury. The plan provides:
70% of pre-disability salary for 12 weeks
55% for the next 4 weeks (sickness) or 5 weeks (accident/hospitalization)
Payable for 17 weeks
Business Travel
Accident Insurance
Business Travel Accident Insurance covers you while traveling for business purposes.

Core and Voluntary Benefits and Enrollment Process
If you want to increase the level of protection your Basic Benefits provide, you can do so by electing some or all of the Voluntary Benefits available to you.

Benefits at Travelport are managed through the company by emailing or by calling 770-563-2652. If you are a Full Time employee (30 hours per week or more), coverage will commence on the first day of the month following three months from your date of hire.

Please Note: You have 90 days from your date of hire to elect your voluntary benefits.

Mid-year Changes to Benefit Enrollment

Typically changes to benefits can be made only during annual benefits re-enrolment. However, certain mid-year changes to benefits can be made following life events such as a birth, marriage or death. Contact Travelport Benefits at or by calling 770-563-2652 if you experience a life event and need to make mid-year changes to benefits enrollments.

Core Benefits Overview

You and the Company Share the Cost of These Core Benefits

How It Works in General

Medical Coverage through Manulife
Medical Benefit Details

Lifetime Maximum
Termination Age
At Retirement

Covered Medical Expenses

Prescription Drugs (legally requiring a prescription)
Prescription Drugs: 100% Dynamic Therapeutic Formulary (DTF), 50% for non-DTF drugs
Dispensing Fee Maximum

$5.00 per prescription
Vision care
$200 per 12 month period
Hospital coverage
Maximum $200 per day
Out-of-province / Canada Medical Emergency
60 day trip duration
$1,000,000 per covered person

Medical Supplies and Services

Private Duty Nursing
$10,000 per calendar year
Hearing Aids
$400 within 5 calendar years
Orthopaedic Shoes
$500 per calendar year
Paramedical Services
Combined maximum of $1,500 per covered per calendar year