The Importance Of Information On The Internet

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The best thing to start with when looking at Internet sources is to look at the name of the website. Dot Com's are usually not credible Because they are commercial addresses. the best sources to use on the Internet would preferably be those with the suffixes .gov, .edu, and .org, these are more likely to be a legitimate sources. There are several things that should be asked when researching information, the first being, What is the purpose of the website and Is it there to be informative? Secondly, How old is the source since you want to keep it as fresh as possible. Also ask yourself Is the site clear of distractions, and is it easy to find the information one is looking for? Does the text on the site follow grammatical and spelling rules, or are there multiple errors? Is the source well-organized and Is the information so imbedded in the article that it becomes hard to find? Information is published on the Internet at an unbelievable rate, so it can sometimes be out dated pretty quickly. It is best to make sure the source's information is fairly current. it should also be determine how accurate the information on the site is. A couple more pretty common question that should be asked are, Can the information on the site be verified with other sources and does the site refer to other sources of information? The combination of all of these things should help with determining if the information is current and