UNIT 45 TASK 1 Essay

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UNIT 45 - TASK 1

Introduction on what learning styles are-
Different people have different learning styles and techniques. People recognise that each person prefers their own one and they also find their own one easier. Everyone also has a mix of learning styles. Some people may be more of one and have a dominant style of learning while others may find that they use different styles in different circumstances. There is no right mix for anyone and it is just the best way for an individual to learn. You can develop ability in less dominant styles, as well as develop styles that you are already good at. For example, some people may be “hands on” learner who prefers to try things and go and learn through trial and error, some would rather find out as much as possible about something before deciding what to do next to prevent mistakes.
What is my dominant learning style and has it changed since I took the test in year 1 –
My dominant learning style is activist although I was parts of other ones too. The learning style I was most close to after was reflector. As I am mostly an activist I like to learn by doing. And to work things out at the time and as they go along. I like to have a go and tend to act first then consider my actions. I like to fill my days with activity and learn best when I am not bored and there is a lot of excitement involved. all of this is true about me and is the best way of learning for me. When I did the test last year I also got the same results and was clear that I was dominant in being an activist and I learn best with “hands on” work and anything that will keep me entertained. I think that I could improve on a lot of things that would help my learning as sometimes a learning style wouldn’t be the best way to learn if the work isn’t being taught that way and I could work on the learning styles that I am not so good at and even try to improve the ones that I am good at.

What the features of my dominant learning styles are – other types of learning styles After doing the test I now know that I am an activist and I learn best this way. Activists are people who like to involve themselves in new experiences and learn by doing. They are the type of people who will try anything once. They also tend to act first and consider their consequences afterwards. Activists learn best when involved in new experiences, problems and opportunities, thrown in the deep end, working with others in problem solving games, role playing exercises and they are also able to lead a group. I feel as this is accurate about me and I definitely do learn best when in situations that are exciting and I get caught into whatever’s going on.
Another learning style are reflectors, they like to absorb information and then think about it first. They are most likely best to learn best from situations when they are able to stand back, listen and absorb all the information. Reflectors like to think before they act, although they collect and analyse information about a subject thoroughly, they have a tendency to try and wait before having to make a decision as long as they can, as they want I to be the right decision.
Another learning style is theorists. Theorists like interesting information and concepts, even if they aren’t relevant at the time being. They like to draw out conclusions from their observations and fit them into logical theories, so that they understand. Theorists like all activities to have a clear structure and purpose, they will question how things are done so that they know what’s going on. Theorists prefer logical, rational arguments.
Pragmatists are a different type of learning style. Pragmatists are people who like to learn practical things and are interested in what works, what gives results. Pragmatists are enthusiastic to try out ideas and see if they work out when practised. Pragmatists tend to be inpatient with extensive discussion and prefer to act