The Importance Of Perseverance In Sports

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Perseverance is something that I have come to learn from past experiences. I have played basketball for as long as I can remember, and it is a sport that I really love. It has taught me so many new things, with the most important being perseverance. When I started in high school, I decided to play on the freshman basketball team. As a freshman, I was moved up pretty quickly, to JV and started regularly. My sophomore year was similar in that I continued as a starter. After a coaching change after the sophomore season, the new staff set the bar for the team to work hard in the off-season. Excited about the new focus and enthusiasm of the team, I worked hard in the off-season, with the hope and expectation that my hard work would continue to pay off. The majority of my time in the off-season was spent playing basketball and working to become a better …show more content…
I have decided to work harder, with a smile on my face, and be a positive force for my team. After working hard and putting all that time in, I proved to myself that being met with tough obstacles has allowed me to find the strength within myself to keep pushing forward and putting forth one hundred percent effort. My desire to succeed is and will be stronger that roadblocks in my path. All of this has taught me to go after my goals with full force. I now strive to apply perseverance to not just basketball; but, everything else that I do in my life. Whether it is athletic training, 4H, school, student council, or just in life in general, I believe that these experiences have helped me to become a well-rounded individual that will prepare me for college and beyond. I have worked to be the best that I can be, and am proud with how I now carry myself through all my activities that I participate in. My hope is that I am setting a good example for others to find themselves and grow no matter the circumstances and persevere to make the best of every