The Importance Of Religion In The Community

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On March 1st and March 16th of 1992 I had two emergency brain surgeries to remove the second rarest type of brain tumor that exist. I was given a zero percent chance to make it both times by the number one neurologist in the entire country. After making it, I knew there was a reason that I was still here, I just did not know what it was. Later that summer, I received Christ as my Savior and began to a local church in my town. In my senior year in high school, I was being mentored and going to the adult Bible classes and learning a lot that year. After getting married my wife and I went to the church that she grew up where her uncle was the Pastor. From there we started a Bible Quizzing team and were doing the youth group where I could feel God pulling at me to do something with my life that was more than what I was already doing in the ministry; I just never took the time to really pay much attention to Him. My wife and I continued to do that for three years, until we started to go back to Kaleva. Once there, I was being mentored under my Pastor for two years and doing youth ministry as well. We left for a short time because of a death in the family, but was then offered a job at the church. Pastor Dave asked me what my plan for my life was, and I told him that I knew my calling was for ministry. He then put together a plan and we began to meet on a weekly basis where he began a mentoring process with me. As every week passed, I began to feel God’s pull on my