The Importance Of Time Management

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Throughout the semester so far, I believe that I have greatly increased my time management skills. From the beginning of the semester, though our time management lessons, I’ve realized that I have been able to get much more done, without staying up so late, unlike some classmates, who I’ve heard stay up until 0200 or 0300 on some weekdays getting things ready for the next day. Some things that I do to manage my time more efficiently are writing everything down, prioritizing my tasks in ABC order, and not procrastinating. Writing everything down helps me manage my time because I don’t have to remember all of my tasks, because they’re all written in one place for me to review. Placing my tasks in ABC order is a skill I learned in CIT101. Basically, the tasks in the “A” Column are the most important, and are mandatory. Before doing any of my “B” column tasks, all of the “A” column tasks must be completed. The “B” column is filled with tasks that can wait, but need to get done, such as military duties, simply because academics come before military duty. Once all of the “B” column tasks are done, I can do “C” column tasks, which are things that aren’t necessary, but are things I want to get done. These can be anything from relaxing, exercising on my own, or learning something on my own time. Not procrastinating helps me get tasks done, simply because it lets me get everything done in an appropriate time, rather than having to time-crunch all of my assignments at the last minute. Earlier on in the semester, I set goals to stop procrastinating as much, to get better grades than I did in high school, and to have a good experience in