Cango Week 1 and 2 Analysis Essay

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Week 1 Clip 1
Julian, the President of the Hudson Valley Business Association, places a phone call to Liz to inform her she has been nominate the Regions Business Leader of the Year and that she will be expected to deliver a speech at the next Association meeting about the "How and why of CanGo's success". During the conversation Julian goes on to describe Cango as the "Fastest Growing Company in the Hudson Valley" and as a "Success Story." Liz is obviously flattered and elated by this news and it becomes apparent how much this company and its success means to her and the fact that somebody has recognized all the effort that has been put into building this company. Following this interchange we see Liz working on her
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Andrew seems to be bogged down by the legitimate questions of his team; he explains that he plans to train CanGo's existing staff to take on the added tasks and responsibilities associated with online gaming. A female employee questions whether the cost of this plan may be prohibitive and perhaps the whole project should be outsourced. In response to this question Andrew sighs audibly there is a hint of exasperation in his tone as he kneels in the employees space and says "I know this may be a hard concept for you, but we are talking about fun, do you remember fun?" Perhaps sensing the sarcasm and a bit of tension, Liz interrupts the meeting and says they will reconvene when a preliminary market analysis is completed. Following the meeting, two employees who were present start discussing their concerns. Covering topics such as the lack of research, planning, knowledge, financial feasibility, but most obvious is a concern about planning.
The meeting introducing this project left a lot to be desired. There was no planning or research completed prior to the introduction, or if it was completed nothing was introduced to back up the idea. There was a lot of passion and motivational energy in the meeting which is always a plus when introducing massive change, but if this isn't backed up with solid facts you run the