The Influence Of Identity

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Ayana Mazon
Professor Childers
English 101
December 6, 2014 So many identities are being consumed by each individual in today’s society. Each identity is a reflection of one’s past experience. Although, some experiences are more relevant than others each experience contributes an aspect to your identity. Whether it may be through your appearance, personality, sense of humor, courage, self esteem and self confidence. People can misjudge you one way, but the way you expose yourself both inwardly and outwardly confront mistaken interpretations. As a human being we discover and learn new things that make us grow and have a consistent identity.
Identities can generally form the minute you are born. Any one form of your identity can be attributed to one’s past dilemma. It can be passed from genetics but also your experiences and your form of expressing yourself is over duration of time. In my opinion, interacting is an important factor of developing a self-identity because you will be judged how you present yourself and communicate with others. As you get older, interacting with other people is essential because you learn to communicate in various forms of ways with each individual.
As a child, growing up wasn’t a typical environment for me because my childhood differed from others. It was due to marital problems between my parents which led to temporary separation and then final divorce. This created a lot of instability. It brought me fear and I was very withdrawn from any emotional attachment. Particular traumatic events can lead to a child’s vulnerability.
The emptiness and confusion which was felt more often than not was replaced by the nurturing of my aunt’s love and upbringing of me. My father decided to place me in the care of his sister, his closest female relative, who could nourish me with a love that only a mother’s heart can provide to fill a child’s void. Gradually, my fears and emptiness began to dwindle down. However, confusions still remained in my mind questioning the reasoning why neither parent was present, both physically and emotionally in my everyday life. Yearning for answers, I learned to accept my new surroundings and adjust to my new way of living.
During my teenage years, my main focus was on my education. At the same time, I was encouraged by my aunt’s to become more independent in my studies. This allowed me to take a new approach to responsibility. My growing independence and sense of responsibility prepared me to set goals and make decisions for my future. Although, I had to sacrifice through high school I had to work hard to follow my ambitions in order to graduate. Achieving my goals gave a boost to my self-confidence.
The most important life lessons are consequences of each individual’s mistakes. Through your childhood, mistakes are naturally made because as a child you are not fully aware of your consequences of your actions. Identity is when you make good or bad decisions and have to respect one’s opinion. Harsher mistakes form a more negative opinion from the general public. Reasoning behind the fact is because every individual in today’s society is entitled to their own opinion. My own personal view about identity is how you create yourself, and making choices and facing challenges.
Identity is always something you must cherish in life. I believe that your identity is a very rare and valuable thing. Identity is our own personality as humans where we are able to show our backgrounds from where we came from, and the importance of identity is our beliefs as also our affinity and our appearances as well, is the stage from where we apart. From by telling people, that we intercede with also as our peers in life, that we supremely associate with. Historically, societies have a great deal of influence over the individuals making up their respective civilization.
Every society, regardless of how autonomous their society allows their populous, directly and indirectly extends a level of