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The Institute of Administrative Management

Level 4 Diploma in Business and Administration

Assignment B

Group A
Personal effectiveness in a business environment

Managing people and performance in a business environment

When answering the assignment candidates must:
 Answer only one assignment per unit
 show knowledge and understanding of the subject area
 use analysis and evaluation in their answers
 apply concepts and working practice through the use of relevant contemporary organisational examples.

Group A
Assignment B task

Instructions for completing your assignment
Your assignment must be based on your own working practice or on examples drawn from one or several organisations with which you are familiar.

You must show knowledge and understanding of the syllabus for this unit, including the mandatory and recommended reading list as well as the IAM study materials.

Your assignment must address the learning outcomes, and include analysis and evaluation of the issues and topics you discuss.

You must conduct a research project on the effectiveness of managers’ interpersonal and people management skills in your company. At the conclusion of the research, you must prepare a report for the Human Resource Manager.

The report must include:
 The background to the project (the reason for the project and why it can be important for your company)

 The background to the company

 The links between effective