The Interloper

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Comparing & Contrasting

In this essay I will compare and contrast “The Machine That Won the War” and “The Interloper.” I will also give a detailed summary of both stories. I will be answering this question in this essay. What moral message do these stories have?
This is a summary of “The Machine That Won the War.” A group of men were underground. There was a war and this man had to save Earth from aliens. They had a machine that helped them calculate data and distances for the war. Earth won the war. The men were taking a break from their job and the men started fighting about who truly won the war. Them or the machine. One of the men admitted to changing the data on the machine in one of the conversations between Jablonsky and Henderson:
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In “The Machine That Won the War” the setting is underground and the plot is after a war between Earth and aliens. The men in this story fight over if the machine should get the credit for Earth winning the war. The men aren't truthful to each other until the middle of the story. At the end of the story the men are happy with each other. In “The Interlopers” the setting is in a forest that belongs to Urich. Urich and Georg argue about who's men will arrive first. The two men's friendship doesn't build until they realize it was a stupid thing to argue and hate each other. This war is about pride and hatred. The men get eaten by …show more content…
Both sets of men in the stories realize that being friends and truthful are better than having hate and pride in their hearts. In The Machine That Won the War, one of the characters, Henderson admits to lying. Jablonsky said, "Yet I presume you provided Multivac with data in your programming. You said nothing to us about unreliability." Henderson said,"How could I tell you? And if I did, how could you afford to believe me?" They know that this is more important than pride or who gets credit for something. In The Interlopers, Urich said, “Do as you please if your men come first. It was a fair compact. But as for me, I’ve changed my mind. If my men are the first to come, you shall be the first to be helped, as though you were my guest. We have quarreled like devils all our lives over this stupid strip of forest, where the trees can’t even stand upright in a breath of wind. Lying here tonight, thinking, I’ve come to think we’ve been rather fools; there are better things in life than getting the better of a boundary dispute. Neighbor, if you will help me to bury the old quarrel, I—I will ask you to be my