Robert Frost

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Robert Frost was a very famous poet. He left an imprint in this world by creating mind blowing poems that let readers experience deep emotions through words.

Robert Frost usually focuses his poems on a person’s everyday experiences, but he also adds many metaphors that relate to his everyday experiences, weather, seasons and nature in general. In many of Frost’s poems he expresses his emotions by using symbolism, for example in the poem “After
Apple­Picking” the apple in the poem symbolizes harvest and in the poem “Mending Wall”, the wall symbolizes many of the barriers people build in order to shelter their emotions from other people.

Frost was born on March 26, 1874 in San Francisco, California. When Frost twelve years old his father passed away, this lead him to leave San Francisco and moved to Lawrence, Massachusetts with his mother and sister. In Lawrence, Frost and his family moved in with his grandparents. He attended Lawrence
High School, where he met his wife, Elinor White. They graduated together both becoming co­valedictorian in 1892. Two years after he graduated he he wrote his first poem “My Butterfly: an Elegy” While he was married to Elinor, Frost and Elinor faced many complications in their life. Two of his children possessed mental illnesses and shortly in 1900 there oldest child, Elliot passed because of cholera, Elinor, their younger child passed because complications from birth a couple of weeks after. In my opinion, because of these complications that Frost faced throughout his life could have influenced the way he wrote his poems.
As mentioned earlier about the poem “Mending Wall”, the wall symbolized the