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Early Life

Patrick Henry was the son of Colonel John
Henry and Sarah Winston Syme.
Henry received most of his education from his father, who had attended King's
College of Aberdeen.
At fifteen Henry began working as a clerk for a local merchant. At age eighteen, not yet having found his profession, Henry married sixteen-year-old Sarah Shelton

Beginning of Adulthood

In 1752, he and his older brother William opened their own store which failed. Henry’s first attempt as a planter ended when a fire destroyed his house in the year 1757. After a second attempt at storekeeping, Henry helped his father-inlaw at Hanover Tavern, across the road from the county courthouse, and began reading law.


Patrick Henry did not really have any challenges other than not having the same education or legal training as the lawyers he would compete against.

Major Accomplishments

Patrick Henry was one of the Founding Fathers of
After the British rule came to an end in America,
Henry served as the 1st governor of the state of
Virginia from the year 1776 to the year 1779.
He was one of the politicians who was responsible for leading the protest against the Stamp Act that was levied by the British in 1765
He is most remembered for his speech where he used the famous words: "Give me liberty or give me death.", which were said when he was advocating to the people of Virginia to carry arms for self defense.

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