the myth of chasing your dreams Essay

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Don Adams
Mrs. Walker
English V02
16 October 2014
The myth about chasing your dream
If your dream is going to a university like Harvard, Yale, or Princeton then just do it. But if your passion is following your dream then maybe the Thiel Fellowship might be for you. On one hand you must consider the cost and time of attending a major school, and on the other hand you must think about failure. In Medha Imam USA Today article “Thiel Fellowship get young entrepreneurs going”, he shares the good and the bad of dropping out of school for 100,000 dollars. So you think being a Silicon Valley whiz kid is all that and a bag of chips, well it’s not. “Being a 19 year old start-up founder is not as cool or as fun as it sounds”, says Mark Daniel, a 2013 fellow and co-founder of Strut. “You have to do a lot of soul searching, a lot of trial and error to find your grove. Basically, Daniel is calming this is not for the faint of hearts; this is my story as well. I thought going to college would be the shit, hang out and meet woman. Then I soon realize how hard it was, I had to be honest with myself and dig deep to my inner most self and say (how much do you want this Don). Their always times in your life were you have doubt and must be real with yourself and ask those questions. Daniel said “People should approach it with, I’m dropping out of college to be a full time entrepreneur, and there is no glamour in that”. Daniels point is that, this is no kitty ride; you must suit up and show up. Additionally college is also very intense and has rough times (midterms/finals). To further illustrate, Noor Siddiqul a 2012 fellow agrees, with Daniel, remembering periods of negativity while running her health care it company called Remedy. She to admit this is tuff to do. “.But life, just like entrepreneurship, is getting up more times than you fall”. In making this comment, Siddiqul augers that sometimes you take 2 steps forward and 1 step backwards. I do this all the time in life, but I take those experiences and keep the one I can use and store the others for future reference. Another example is we must put a 100% into are dreams and don’t let anything get in your way. To be or not to be, to be for me. Likewise, with hardship, pain, and long hours comes some positive as well. Siddiqul and…