The Newman Essay

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Nguyen Nguyen
Professor David
English 100
11 Sep 2014
Does Newman thesis affect the Society? Should students require going to university? Is university the best place for students to become successful person with value job? According to Newman, he believes that students require studying in the university because it is the place to train the intellect and prepare for their future. Moreover, Newman considers that students should study all subjects in the college because these all branches of knowledge are connected together and relate together. When people read the Newman Idea, most people will agree with Newman Idea because the education is very important; and universities have a good educated environment which provides for students. I
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Approximately, that is only for one student. What will happen when the number of students comes up to about or more than ten thousand? It will cost a lot of money from government. In addition, the government not only pays for students but also support for schools. The U.S. spends about sixty-two millions dollars just for education. Beside, all students go to the universities who will work for the society. Because society does not have many employees, the government cannot get tax. In addition, some students just go to the universities because they want to get free money from the government. They spend a long time in the college so they can get more money from the government. Because of those students, government will waste a lot of money for a thing which is not really the education. That also causes the increasing of the national debt for the U.S. Not only increasing the national debt, but also government will not support enough money for people who honestly and seriously want to study. For example, some poor countries in African, many people still do not know what school is and how it is. They do not know how to read and write their own language. Lastly, government has to spend a lot of money if they follow the Newman Idea. Thirdly, if all people go to universities, no one will work unskilled job. Many jobs do not require the bachelor degree or master degree such as waiters, cashiers, and cleaners. There might no one