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Customer Skills Training
Session Objectives 1. Recognize that we all have customers and share responsibility for customer satisfaction 2. Understand what customers expect from you 3. Handle customers problems effectively 4. Help improve overall customer satisfaction
What you need to know 1. What internal customers need 2. What external customers expect 3. How to determine customer needs 4. How to turn complaints into opportunities 5. How to deal with upset customers 6. How to encourage customer feedback and promote positive customer relationships
Who are your customers?
External Customers
Internal Customers
Internal Customers – within the department, boss
In other departments billing department managing books
What do internal customers need?
Timely Service, Complete clear and accurate information, support for their efforts,
Serving Internal Customers- Courtesy, Respect, Cooperation,
What all customers really want- positive experience, needs and expectation meets, what they were promised, knowledge assistance, prompt, willing attention, polite, interested and respectful treatment.
Determine Customer Needs- Listen closely, Ask questions, Repeat state of need, Inquire, Present
Exceeding Expectations- Provide prompt, accurate service, Deliver more than promised, resolved problems, Go the extra mile.
Treasure our loyal customers- repeat customers are the heart of the business, loyal customers provide free advertising, unhappy customers can damage current and future business prospects
Keeping customers satisfied
Why customers go to the competition- they are ignored, they can’t get the information they need, they are not treated well, and promises are not fulfilled.
How to turn complaints into opportunities- Take all complaints seriously, demonstrate concern, understand the compliant, investigate the problem, work to resolve the problem
Deliver bad news honestly and positively
Try to make up for the customers trouble
Thank the customer, follow up to ensure satisfaction, learn from experience
How to handle upset customers- Don’t take it personally, allow the customer to vent, identify the problem, resolve the problem, follow up to ensure satisfaction, show appreciation
What can you do when the customer is at fault? Remember that the goal is customer satisfaction, don’t place blame, get to the root