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Theatre Arts Journals: Monologue Unit Be a Stalker: The person I am observing is a male who has short blonde hair and is eating a sandwich. He seemed pretty angry because of the way he was eating the sandwich. He keeps taking giant chunks out of it. He then started tearing open a bag of potato chips and they splattered everywhere. Because of the way this kid is eating, he does not seem like a happy person. He looks very determined though because he is looking around and then taking more angry bites of his food. He is now smiling while talking to his friends but it looks like it was a joke his friends made towards him. I guess he doesn’t seem to care what other people think of him and is not self-conscious. The way I can tell is because he seems to be laughing with his friends rather than his friends just laughing at him. He looks like he enjoys life and likes to have fun. This kid went from being very angry to all of a sudden happy and talkative. By the way his attitude was changing so quickly, I’m guessing this kid is very bipolar. He then takes out his assignment notebook then his spiral. It appeared he was then doing homework. That meant he is very determined to get good grades in school and is going to have a bright future. Maybe he can have a future in owning his own business because he seems to be able to get along with other people and doesn’t care what anybody else thinks.

What is Characterization? How does it relate to acting? : Characterization is the act of describing distinctive characteristics or essential features. This basically means you are describing what they look like, how they act, or what their personalities are like. Many authors use characterization in books to describe how the character looks, acts, or feels. This gives the reader an idea of who the character really is by just looking at the text. Characterization helps define who a person really is and what kind of people they interact with. Characterization relate to acting because a person is acting the part of a character on stage. He/she is dramatically representing the character they are playing by speech, action, and gesture. This is what people are also doing in movies. This is why it is called acting because you are acting like another person to display the characteristics of the person you are acting as. Characterization relates to acting because of the way you have to completely change your personality to act like someone else. You could be a very shy quiet kid but have to act the part of a talkative, interactive person who is always out talking or interacting with other people. While acting, you are basically representing a character on stage or in writing, by imitating or describing actions. What people do not understand about characterization is you are supposed to just use your imagination and take the character you are playing and turn it up times ten. Most people will just be the character the way they are supposed to be and not really change even a little bit of it. What people need to understand is just have fun with it and go out there and be the best character you can be no matter if it is a protagonist or antagonist.

Identify and explain “Objective”: in relationship to your monologue. How did you decide upon it? : The way I decided what my characters objective was or what my character wants was basically doing research and re reading the script for my character. Every scene has an "Objective". This is best formatted as what you want to get from the other person in the scene. A character will use certain strategies to get to their objective. They choose to switch tactics once the first one does not work anymore. For example, in my first monologue “Firebug”, my character wanted to watch people get burned in fires because it brought out everyone’s inside feelings. It brought out how honest and real everyone was. So in order to achieve what he wanted, he would constantly go to every single fire just to see how