The Pearl Greed Quotes

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“He who wants everything every time, will lose everything, anytime”, Vikrant Parsai. This quote describes the character Kino in the book the Pearl by John Steinbeck. Kino is greedy about the pearl that he finds and it leads to him losing his son Coyotito. In The Pearl, Kino finds a huge pearl that is worth a lot of money. He plans on using some of the money to pay the doctor to treat his son for a scorpion sting. The theme in the book is that materialism and greed left unchecked, can lead to immoral behavior such as violence.

In the pearl, Kino’s greediness almost ruins his relationship with Juana. When Juana wanted to get rid of the pearl because she knew it was bad, Kino yelled at her and told her to hush. This shows that Kino cared too much about the pearl and that he know longer respected Juana. Also, when Juana went down to the ocean to throw the pearl back where it came from, Kino kicked and slapped her. This shows that he cares more
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One of the ways the doctor shows immoral behavior is when the doctor refused to treat coyotito because he won't get paid. Doctors are normally kind and always wanting to help but this doctor was too focused on money to help. Another way the doctor showed immoral behavior was when he poisoned coyotito instead of healing him. The doctor wanted more money so bad that he poisons a baby just so he will get paid more. This is why the doctor greed for money cause immoral behavior.

In the book the pearl by John Steinbeck, greed left unchecked can lead to immoral behavior such as violence. The first way the book shows this theme is when Kino's greed causes him to almost ruin his relationship with Juana. Another way is that Kino's greed causes him to act aggressively. The final way is that the doctor's greed for money causes immoral behavior. Throughout all the events in the book, the reader might see this a cautionary tale reminding him that money isn't the most important