A Perfect Hand: Scaled Webbed Hand

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Perfect Hand
Scaled Webbed Hand

In the not so distance future, global warming will melt the ice caps around the world and thus elevate the water level that would cause it to flood most of the land that we know today. So most of the living beings that live among the land would either have to evolve to be able to fly or swim to survive. Thus most of the creatures living on earth would be more aquatic. Humans might evolve and grow webbed hands and feet covered with scales to become faster in water to catch prey without losing the ability to roam the remaining land that hasn't flooded yet.

In the cell biology factor, it will develope a special type of enzymes and protein that turn the outer layer of the hand and the rest of the skin blue, thus making it camouflage in the water and easier to catch prey and avoid predators.

The for microbiology, the new hand we be able to produce a new type of cells that will create scales that will be light and be very tough to break. It will have similar characteristics to carbon fiber. It will also be able to help cut through the water for improvement in agility and speed in the water.

For the immunology factor, the hand will develop antibodies that are resistant to both aquatic and land bacteria, viruses, and foreign substances than are possibly pathogenic. The blood inside the hand and in the muscles will be able to hold large amount of oxygen that enables the organism to swim down into the water for long periods of time.

In the Plant Biology section, it will grow small green spots to gain some vitamin D from the sun to develop better and strong muscles for rapid swimming, since most of its body will be covered in scales. It will also be able to produce spores that might paralyze its prey.

For the growth of its developmental state, it will have claws for fingernails and have razor like