Essay on Fahrenheit 451

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Tiffany Tran
The World is in Our Hands

There are many terms to a perfect world like a peaceful, musical, environmental, and truthful type of world. Perchance in the perfect human world is where no one suffered or everyone would be living blissful. Many people could name all of the stimulating and wonderful things in a flawless utopia and none of which are the same. You may say that there is no such thing as a perfect or more perfect utopia? But there is. Somewhere out there you can find a great and mysterious world, but a few also comes with some disadvantages as well. Not this utopia though. My ultimate utopia is one with extraordinary technological, cultural and economic characteristics. Some technological features of my utopia involve the different types of machines, replacing jobs for humans. I really take pleasure in the machines because they help carry us and do everything we desire and our job is to relax and do whatever we please. The reason is for people to not work at all and do nothing for the rest of their lives because our rulers thought humans were very special and they deserve the best. All of my friends and family, including me, has our own cars and we don’t even need to use a pedal or a steering wheel like in the old days because it is voice activated and it flies. Every morning I enjoy smelling the fresh new day without walking, driving or using my hands and feet. That is what makes my ideal utopia the supreme utopia ever!
In every perfect utopia there are some laws to keep citizens safe and help not create any
chaos at all. One of the laws we have is that humans has to let the machines do their jobs and can’t work, walk or do anything else physical. An explanation for people to not work at all and do nothing for the rest of their lives because humans has been work for centuries back in the old days but now they don’t have to, it’s just like taking a long break. So humans never have to work or do anything but eat and sleep for the rest of their lives.
I enjoy the clothes we all wear there but it might look like jail cloths but is one we have to wear our whole lives. There are a variety of colors and designs that we get to pick from, it