The Presence of Fire in "The Hunger Games" Essay

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Fire in “The Hunger Games”

The book “The Hunger Games” has a lot of interesting types of imagery. One of the things that they use very frequently is fire. Fire plays a very large part in the story of “The Hunger Games” without it; the story would not have the same feeling to it. Fire is used as a symbol for many things. Fire is used to symbolize the protagonist, Katniss, the way that the games are portrayed and that it symbolizes Katniss as well, and the fact that the entire book would be completely different without it.
In the novel "The Hunger Games” Katniss, the protagonist of the story was represented by fire because it shows her personality very well. This is because her personality is fierce and can be somewhat uncontrollable and unpredictable at times. An example of this is when Cinna and the other stylist people are thinking of ideas about how to dress Katniss up for the chariot ride they come up with making her "the girl on fire". This shows that she has a personality that is like fire otherwise Suzanne Collins would not have called her that. By calling her this it shows that not unlike fire she is strong and fierce and sometimes unpredictable. The type of person that she is throughout the whole book is also somewhat like fire itself. Not unlike fire again she is ever changing and can adapt and like a strong fire; isn’t blown out too quickly. These are some of the reasons that Katniss, the protagonist of “The Hunger Games” is very much alike fire.
Fire is also used to represent the games themselves, which in turn also describe/represent Katniss as well. A piece of evidence to back this up is that, like the games themselves fire is unpredictable, full of emotion, mostly anger, and filled with fierce competition. During the games Katniss exhibited lots of emotion, anger, and the ability to compete fiercely. Fire itself must compete with all of the other things in its vicinity for oxygen usage to keep on living and like Katniss in the hunger games she had to fight for her survival. Another piece of evidence for this is that when rue dies. Fire can also be very soothing and warm and somewhat indicate a homely feeling. So when Katniss buries her, it shows that along with her fierce competition she also had a caring side to her. The Games and Katniss both share the attributes that are related to fire.
Fire is an essential part of the story and without it the entire storyline wouldn’t be as exciting or