The Pros And Cons Of Abortion

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Over a thousand years ago abortion was performed illegally. From 1880 to year 1973, more than a thousand women were fatally injured because of illegal abortions (Medline). In 1973, abortion became legal in the United States, so women could get safer abortions (Medline). Even though abortion was legalized in the United States, women were still seeking illegal abortions, so no one found out. The privacy laws now keep women anonymous from people finding out they aborted their unwanted baby, also known as fetus. As a mother, I sometimes wonder what makes a woman decide to have an abortion. There are other options to choose from, but do the women know about them? Are women just oblivious when it comes to the different procedures abortionist do, and that the unborn baby does feel pain? There would be fewer abortions if women were properly educated. Abortion should not be a choice as it affects the women’s body and mind, their relationships, and the unborn baby. Some people feel abortion is not bad for women. They say women should have a choice in what they do with their bodies, and whether or not they want to have a baby. Yes, I do agree women should have a choice about their body, but you were the unborn baby with the heartbeat and growing, your mother had a choice. I know I am happy with the choice my mother made, how about you? If the mother does not want the baby there is always adoption. Someone else who cannot have a baby would love to adopt one. If the women say they would not be able to handle it emotionally to give the baby up for adoption, well how can they emotionally handle killing their baby? There is also the choice to keep the baby. There are so many resources available to women who choose to keep their babies. Would women change their minds if they knew that the baby feels pain when they are being aborted? So, in return, I do believe women should have a choice, but they should choose differently because abortion is not safe for women. Many people believe abortion is safer than childbirth. If abortion is safer, why are women who get abortions at a higher risk of getting HIV/AIDS and other infections due to abortionist not using sterile instruments (mayoclinic)? With childbirth you do not have to worry about uterine perforation because some abortionist cut your uterus while trying to abort the unborn baby. Do women really want their uterus hanging between their legs? There are many other disturbing things that women can experience with abortions, but with childbirth, the majority of women complain of cramping and bleeding due to being in labor and after labor because the uterus is shrinking back to size. Although I am sure that those who say abortion is safer, are the people who have never had a baby, or they are the women who use abortion as a form of birth control. So, is abortion really any safer than childbirth? Women should be fully informed of all the possible complications that are associated with abortions. The United States has the highest abortion rate than any other well developed countries, due to lack of education (Dehlendorf,Harris,andWeitz). If women were properly educated on abortion then the amount of abortions in the United States would go down, but education is not just for women 18 and older, but it should be something girls under 18 should have as well. Then maybe it would keep middle school age girls from getting pregnant, and if they were to get pregnant, they could make better decisions as well as the older females. Studies have shown that women are less likely to have an abortion if they were informed of the process and how the baby is aborted (Dehlendorf,Harris,andWeitz). All clinics that offer abortion should make women sit through a lecture on how the procedure will be done and possibly do a demonstration on a mannequin, so they can see how brutal it is. They should also do an ultrasound, so the women can see and hear the babies heartbeat, and have a detailed summary on the babies