The Pros And Cons Of Employation

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I would be willing to give up the use of a vehicle for a year because oil company's are using consumers by jacking up the prices of oil to their advantage. My family would downsize from a three bedroom house to a two bedroom. We would also move closer to school,work, and stores therefore; we could walk and use shopping carts to travel. We would also hold protest with our state representatives so they can have a clear understanding on how we feel and why we are upset with how we are not being treated fairly. Another cause that I would want to take action to motivate is Autism. My brother has Autism and they do not have enough services for Autism. The children are needing more than one center to service the Mid-South. My mother has to take him to Nashville at times for services where we are in a large city and more children are getting diagnosed daily. I would love to let the legislature be aware of the problems we are having here in Memphis, Tennessee. Three things that I am willing to give up in order for support and show commitment are, My fall break, One school lunch monthly and Paying to get in one school event. The first one is my fall break, I would be willing to give it up to help clean our neighborhoods and hep the homeless. The second one is one school lunch a month. I am will to feed the young children. Some kids when they get home from school, there is no one there to feed them. The last meal if the day is lunch. If I am willing to give up one meal, they wont have