The Pros And Cons Of Human Trafficking

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Have you ever been afraid to go to the grocery store alone? Have you ever felt like you were being watched, or someone was following you? As a matter of face, there’s a reason why, there are women and children being robbed of their freedom every day. For instance, in simple places like your local grocery store or movie theatre there could be someone waiting to take you from your normal life and sell you into slavery. As a result of expanding gang activity and devastated families we should enforce more ways to identify the people involved in human trafficking.
Granted slavery was abolished many years ago in the United States, there are still several forms that exist today. One form that is on the rise is human trafficking, according to Joyce Hart this is what it
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Some argue that police stings can harm the victims of sex trade, like in this sting at a strip club. “Occasionally, law enforcement crackdowns on prostitution result in the pre-emptive arrest of adult victims” (Padro). In the heat of the moment, some detectives can be fooled into thinking that the sting at hand, is just another illegal brothel. When this happens, it could possibly lead to the misunderstanding of a victim for an unlawful prostitute. However, upon further inspection detectives can understand the truth and set the victims free. To avoid situations like this, there are laws in place to help protect the victims. “Under Florida state law minors coerced into sexual activity are automatically considered victims” (Padro). Whether arrested, or not, they are still being freed from the slave trade. Any situation outside of the trade is undeniably better than being forced to have sexual interactions with a stranger. Given these points, it is abundantly clear that you can only help the victims during a