The Pros And Cons Of Strict Gun Control Laws

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Lately in America there has been a extreme rise in school and other mass shootings. Because of this the subject of gun control has become a very heated, and trendy subject to debate. Many of the Liberal, left wing politicians believe that the answer to these horrendous crimes would be to limit the types of guns and ammo magazines that a personal party can own, and in some cases eliminate the second amendment all together. If you take away people’s rights to bear arms, you take away something that helped build America the way it is today. The thought process behind this is that these crimes are committed with guns, so guns are the ones responsible. The focus is especially on so-called “assault weapons.” These guns are stereotyped as automatic weapons that only should be in the hands of the military. The thing is, that automatic weapons are already illegal, and people are judging these guns based simply on looks and totally overlooking the fact that they are the same as any semi-automatic weapon that you would hunt with. …show more content…
If someone really wants to kill another person, even without an “assault weapon,” or any gun for that matter, they will find a way to do it. Whether with a knife, hammer, bat, or anything else that you could possibly think that could be used as a weapon, humans will find a way to use it to kill. Another argument against gun control is that it simply wouldn't work. Just like that the government has tried to outlaw drugs, and there is still many drugs around. The same idea apply’s to guns, just because the laws say people cant have something, dosent mean there going to listen to them. You would think that with the increase in gun violence, the rate of people with guns would also rise, but this is not the case. The number of citizens with a gun in there household has fallen to a record low of 31%, which is 17 % less then the peek in