The Pros And Cons Of The Constitution

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In my opinion I believe that the Constitution, as drafted in Philadelphia in 1787 departs from the Declaration of Independence, but to some degree relates to it. The Declaration of Independence was a Formal statement written by Thomas Jefferson declaring the freedom of the 13 American colonies from Great Britain. The constitution written after the Declaration of Independence established supreme Law of the land.
The Declaration of Independence was simply an announcement of war. The reasoning behind this is because in the 1700s, the British Parliament passed several laws that restricted the freedoms of many English colonists whom settled in America. Such limitations caused many issues with the people which eventually led to forming the first
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This was done by creating three main branches of government and making sure no single branch could have too much power. In the original constitution it lacked basic protections and rights for the citizens. Democracy has many different interpretations on its meaning, but I am using the current definition of democracy. Democracy is the form of government that gives powers to the people and the opportunity to participate in government. This would be the rights of the citizens too have the opportunity to partake in government. Comparing the Declaration of Independence and Constitution to see which is more or less democratic is obvious the constitution as originally drafted is less democratic. Democratic means supporting democracy and its principles, but if one does not give people rights how are they supposed partake in the government or be democratic. Thus, the Declaration of Independence gives people their rights and what they can do with them, which the original constitution does not include. When the Constitution was changed in 1789 to provide citizens basic protection and rights, I would say it is more democratic than the Declaration of