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The Public Body
Fatty, chunky, chubby, fat-so, these are just a few of the names that people get called with being overweight. I personally have struggled with my weight all my life. Although I am not considered overweight, I have never been very happy with my weight. The media is very obsessed and particular on what the “perfect” body is. The celebrities of this day all have very little body fat and are all very tan. Many people try to achieve this without realizing that they need to be happy in their own skin, something that I have struggled with myself. The media also has a positive influence on the public by dove commercials, promoting a healthy diet in schools, and fast food restaurants serving fruit with meals.
Dove has brought to the television a new sense of beauty and poise with women. The commercials shows women in their under garments modeling around and being happy with their curves and bumpy figures. It shows that you do not have to be a size two just to be beautiful; everyone is beautiful in their own very special way. The commercial shows different women of different color and especially all kinds of sizes. Most under garment commercials are filled with very small and petite woman which does not very much catch the eye as you would say.
Child obesity is a horrible thing in this country and many people are fighting it. Elementary schools have begun to serve a very healthy food option for child in hopes of cutting back on this epidemic. Many of the children that struggle with this do not