The Research Process Essay

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The Research Process

The research process for companies is crucical in this day and time because it helps companies set themselves apart from their direct competitors. Having a very detailed analysis will help the company better serve the consumer. By listening to customers’ requests for new products it will help build customer loyalty. There are several steps that could help organizations achieve superior customer service and drive sales through the proper process in business research. I have been in the retail business for the past 8 years or so, specifically in the grocery side of retail. As you can imagine being in grocery you have significant amount of competitors trying to take your business so scouting your competition through weekly visits is extremely important. Checking out what kinds of ads they are running and what price points they have helps maintain reasonable prices for your consumer. Also, grocery retailers run loya\lty programs that help stimulate repeat business. Comparing your loyalty program to your competitors programs is a way to improve your repeat business. Checking your statistics of loyalty spending on the most repeated purchases to keep those items consistently in stock and run sales on them will have appeal to your customers. I’ve worked in a wide variety of areas, suburbs with wealthy residents and downtown urban locations with low income families and where you see homeless people left and right. Urban consumers want more urban style products for example, I wouldn’t sell a whole pallet of collard greens in a suburb whereas in a urban area, a pallet of those would sell out immediately. Also urban consumers want items that are easy to carry as a lot of them walk instead of drive to the store. With the help of the corporate people backstage, they track our