Evaluating the Research Process Essay

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Evaluating the Research Process Research endeavors take great organization and diligence in ensuring that information is collected correctly and carefully. In the article selected, researchers collect data from both children and adults to create a bio repository for future research of childhood obesity. The following document will explore the results and opinions concluded in the research project, statistical findings, and other important information collected from the research project. For adults obesity is a condition that can become life threatening and more so when obesity is diagnosed at a young age. The Center for Disease control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 17% of all children and adolescents are obese (CDC, 2011). …show more content…
One of the samples taken was to determine the G x E gene profile which allows researchers to determine if a child will develop morbidities and when. The information determined that within 3-5 years this information will be extremely achievable. The Childhood Overweight Bio Repository of Australia began with over 100 patients who were approached to participate in the study. Of the 100, 24% failed to attend appointments or cancelled and were later excluded. Of the patients still remaining, there were 87, 25% refused to participate, 67% agreed to COBRA, 8% remain in the recruitment process. The completion rates remained extremely low for the full follow up visits with child and family but almost all participants gave to the bio bank for continued data collection. Those who did complete the full follow up process expressed appreciation for the research but data collected from these families has not yet been analyzed.
This study was intended to find strategies to prevent and treat childhood obesity in primary care settings. The conclusions do not deliver the results expected for this research project. The concern is that without continued research the number of children and teens who are obese will double over the next ten years. “Many may be of the opinion that the problem of childhood obesity does not require this intense level of investigation. Some argue that the problem can be