The Roman Empire Essay

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Kevin Paltoo
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Mr. Rogers
The Lex Oppia was a law established in ancient Rome in 215 BC, at the height of the Second Punic War during the days of national catastrophe after the Battle of Cannae. This law was designed to limit the rights of women. The law was also passed to tap into wealthy women fortunes by the state in order to pay for the costs of the war. This law basically stripped the rights of women. Marcus Porcius Cato also known as the censor is one of the statesmen that supported the Lex Oppia law.
Marcus Porcius Cato was one of the statesmen who reject repealing the Lex Oppia law. Cato stated
“ If each of us, citizens, had determined to assert his rights and dignity as a husband with respect to his own
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Tiberius says
“The savage beasts,” . . . “in Italy, have their particular dens, they have their places of repose and refuge; but the men who bear arms, and expose their lives for the safety of their country, enjoy in the mean time nothing more in it but the air and light; and having no houses or settlement of their own, are constrained to wander from place to place with their wives and children” (Par. 3)
According to Plutarch, Tiberius took action in the peoples favor. He did this because he felt that the rich was controlling too much of the land and the citizens who defend the country cannot even get a piece of land to live on because the rich control the land. The poor citizens do not have a place to settle on and are forced to move from place to place. Tiberius was the voice for the common people. The common people supported him for this and respected him. The rich however and the statesmen felt threatened by him and murdered him and whoever supported him.
Tiberius characterized his opponents in his address to the crowd. He called his opponents savage beasts as stated in the quote above. He also stated their houses that these beasts stay in as particular dens. Tiberius was basically slapping his opponents in the face with these characterizations. He did this because he wanted to show on behalf of the poor that he did not fear the rich or should I say these savage beasts.
Julius Caesar was a Roman military and political leader. During the battle of