The steam engine Essay example

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Name of the technological innovation:
Steam engine
Name of the inventor:
The steam engine had many people contribute to its making but was invented by James Savery. He was an English military engineer. In England, 1698 he created the first steam engine.
Where it was created:
The steam engine was created in England.
When it was created:
Background information: A steam engine may seem useless nowadays but it actually has contributed a lot and inspired many new and great inventions. The steam engine was used to pump water out of mines which made work easier and less risky. Upon the development of the steam engine immense amounts of work did not have to be done by human or animal labour. A steam engine is a machine that changes the heat energy of steam into motorised energy.
Steam is produced by boiling water the pressure of the expanding steam is used to push a piston back and forth in a tube called a cylinder, the piston fits tightly inside the cylinder. The piston is attached to the piston rod, as the piston rod goes in and out it drives another rod called the driving rod. The driving rod turns a wheel called the fly wheel which turns steadily even when the piston is at the end of its stroke and is not pushing. A condenser is an instrument used for cooling air. A piston is a short cylinder fitting closely within a tube in which it moves up and down against a liquid or gas.

Impact of the steam engine:
The steam engine had a great