The Surrender Of Japan Essay

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The Surrender of Japan
Crista Gaglioti

During World War II, the United Sates of America was responsible for the releasing of atomic bombs on Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Separated by three days, these attacks were in response to the Empire of Japan’s refusal to surrender. The terms they were given ensured that such action would take place, and with the rejection of these terms came the deaths of approximately 20,000 people, along with many more to come simply from radiation or injuries. With the idea of such terms came alternatives as well, but the decision was set all because of Japan’s refusal. The American government, along with Britain and China, proposed a set of demands to Japan that would ensure to conclude the end of the war. Some know these terms to be the “Potsdam Declaration” or the “Proclamation Defining Terms for Japanese Surrender.” Regardless of the name, it held the guidelines for the surrender of the Empire of Japan, and if not accepted would lead to utter destruction. These terms mainly demanded for the elimination of any authority or influence on Japan and the absolute surrender of all armed forces of the Japanese. It followed by stating that specific sections of the land would be appointed to the Allies. The captivity of certain islands would also be up to their verdict. Any criminals would too be brought to justice in accordance to the actions they have committed. The bright side of these regulations for Japan was the promise that their culture and race wouldn’t be destroyed or hurt. The freedom of speech, thought, and religion would also be given to the Japanese. As for industrial factors, Japan was permitted to stay running to support their economy and continue to trade with foreign affairs. It was ensured that the allies’ power would be removed once the country was restored to a diplomatic and dependable government of responsibility and peace. Alternatives were considered when making the ultimate decision in order to isolate and take control of Japan. The US desired to possibly invade Japan by using paratroopers and using the navy to close off islands and the coast. The idea to completely blockade Japan was a possibility until it was realized that the Japanese wouldn’t respond until most of the population was whipped out. Another proposition was to use the US’ and the Allies’ combined forces to attack Japan. Besides the fact that this would kill too many of their own troops, it would also leave Japan up for grabs and the US was completely against the idea of having the Soviets rule Japan. Conventional bombing was also contemplated but was seen not to have worked because of the Japanese’s will power to live and die by their country. Nuclear power was the most suitable action according to the US, especially since the Manhattan Project1 was a complete success. To set off waves of radiation causing such pure destruction