The Tempest Play Review

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Bryan Kynnap
September 30, 2011
Play Review

The Tempest starts off with Ralph Fiennes with a dramatic and powerful opening scene, summoning his powers over the ocean. He does a great job of turning the character of Prospero into a person of power and authority. Fiennes did a great job leading the play with his role and expressing the appropriate emotions when necessary, whether towards his daughter or his slave. However, that was the only part of the play that I felt was well done. The play in general for me lack a lot. In general, the play dragged on even before the intermission. Since I have read the play before, and I had the same feelings about the playwright. I feel as if the director could have cut out some of the soliloquies as they were not all necessary and has been done before in many other productions. A key part to any production is how the director keeps the attention of the audience and involves them in a production, which is key to Shakespeare plays. A typical Shakespeare would include the audience within the play with, which is known as breaking the fourth wall. If I had not known this was a Shakespeare play before going, this production did not seem to resemble any common production, he would have put on. The stagecraft was simple and basic. There was not anything too interesting or fascinating to catch the audience attention. The stage and props need a lot more addition to them. The stage was massive compared to the amount of space the play actually used, most of the play just occurred front and center; the majority of the backdrop was just wasted space. In general, I felt that the director could have put more effort into the stagecraft. The one part of the play that should have been removed completely was the music. When the music came on for the first time, I really did not know what to think of it; whether it was serious or not. Once the music came on again, I felt as if it was a joke; actually laughing out loud at some points along with other people in the crowd. The music made me feel as if I was watching a different play when it came on; it has a sense of humor, when actually it was meant to be serious. I know from the actual play, that the music played of big roll in the telling of the story. However, the music affect in the