The Color Purple The Musical And Love Presented By Oprah Winfrey

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Color Purple Correction

The audience member took pleasure in the experiencing of the musical play The Color Purple the Musical and Love presented by Oprah Winfrey in 2007. The anticipation of seeing a live performance with the music and stage present was overwhelming. One can realize the difference from the television version and a live performance, and the ability to see the difference with the actors, actress, and musical performance were more heartwarming. This was a strong performance to sit and visualize and experience the true meaning of the color purple, which means the suffering, and pain of life. The feeling that one can sit and visualize what is going on live without any editing and technical support from director throughout the scenes. The musical relates to what was going on from the feeling of loneliness, hurt, low self-esteem, and unattractiveness. The play took the audience member back to childhood memories of feeling alone with no hope, and courage to face the world. How as a young Black girl of the South was physically and mental abuse throughout her childhood, but had no one to talk to but another family member. However, when that family member was not longer there she had to endure the pain. This play demonstrated the present of laughter, pain, hardships, and fun in the life of each character. Showing the true meaning of how family can overcome difficulties through hope, faith, and love. In conclusion, a play is a